Airport-run FBOs are sometimes seen as "out of touch" with their customer's needs and desires. This is not necessarily unexpected, since the primary role of airport management should be to provide a safe and secure operating environment, while supporting and facilitating economic development within the community it serves.

Recognizing that the options available to smaller airports are somewhat limited, ABS Aviation was formed to support an increasing industry need for alternatives to traditional FBO management. By offering FBO management services on a contract basis, smaller airports can gain some of the financial benefits of private enterprise, while still maintaining the control necessary to adapt to the ever-changing business and political environment.  Whether on an interim or long-term basis, ABS Aviation is committed to offering high quality, service-based airport and FBO management services that not only meet the needs and expectations of the customer utilizing the airport, but equally focus on meeting the needs of its client…the airport sponsor.

In addition, in today’s non-traditional FBO ownership environment, ABS Aviation offers an alternative management structure to FBOs owned by passive owner/investors, financial entities, and other non-owner/operators. Through our extensive experience and knowledge of FBO operations of all sizes and complexities, we can offer a short or long-term solution to operations in transition, or those just seeking an alternative in today’s complex aviation environment.  

ABS Aviation provides contract management of FBOs under some of the following scenarios:
  • Airport needs temporary management and training in the transition of an FBO to an "in-house" operation after lease expiration
  • Airport operates the FBO and wants to outsource FBO management in order to focus on airport management and economic development, but still retain the FBO's revenues
  • Airport with insufficient personnel resources to operate the FBO on a daily basis and desire to outsource management, but still retain FBO revenues
  • Private FBO owner desires a change in management
  • Privately-held airports that need temporary FBO management, or desire to outsource management services, but still retain FBO revenues
  • Private FBO defaults and the airport does not have the knowledge, experience, or time to operate FBO, and needs a seamless transition without an interruption in services 
  • FBO has previously been operated under a contract manager and the FBO wants to make a change

Due in great part to our staff's extensive experience in FBO ownership and management, airport management and operations, and over 150 years of responsible and reliable consulting services, ABS Aviation can provide a fresh approach to FBO management. ABS Aviation recognizes that each situation is unique and warrants independent consideration of the alternatives to achieve specific goals and objectives. Our staff of experienced professionals with a variety of complementary backgrounds allows us to meet our goals of representing the best interests of our clients and their business objectives.